Golden Journey South Africa

Golden Journey, the leading Chinese Automotive Importer. Our Mission is to protect the interest of our clients and dealer partners, our vision is to be the most trusted and reliable brand in the South African market. Golden Jouney is owned by FO Ismail Group (SA) and RK Globals Group (Dubai).

FO Ismail Group

  • Has a wide portfolio of commercial/residential properties in virious parts of the country.
  • Squadcars Motor Group is the main retail business arm that has been in operation since 1994.
  • The group sells in exess of 2000 units per annum.

  • RK Globals Group

  • One of Africa's leading importers & distributors of Bajaj motorcycles, commercial Vehicles & Hankook tyres
  • Sold over 80 000 units of Bajaj Motorcycles & 4 000 units of Commercial vehicles in 2012.
  • The Group has Presence in Dubai, India, SA, Angola, Mozambique & Tanzania.